Success starts by focussing on a goal. PENTA Services pursues a clear goal:  The optimized application of our strength. PENTA Services concentrates on customer-friendly software development. In order to maintain the hightest standards, our partners are of  the utmost significance. They are carefully selected and provide professional marketing, service and consulting. Results of these partnerships continuously improve the quality of PENTA Services‘ software solutions.


Modern developments have made highly efficient working processes possible. Thanks to the software solutions of PENTA Services, hospital radiology departments and  private medical practices can find and work with their hidden potentials. “Our longtime experience in software development and customer service as well as the application of modern programming languages are the most important bases for the high quality of our software products”, explains PENTA Services Founder Frans Suhartono.

We offer a customer-friendly software that is designed for individual workflows at private medical practices or clinic radiology departments. Our goal:  Paperless radiology from scheduling, admission, examination, reporting up to accounting. Efficient workflow solutions for today and tomorrow. “For this reason we continuously develope and improve our software. It is important to us, that our solutions stay the „state of the art” for future softwares“, says the Founder of PENTA Services, Wolfgang Lehmann.